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The world is coOutdoor Life Reviewsnstantly changing. Nothing is the same as it was yesterday. Technology keeps advancing and changing. Most is for good. Do you remember life before computers? Do you remember before microwaves? Do you remember before cell-phones? Do you remember before indoor plumbing? Do you remember before Iphones?…

We can’t imagine living without modernd-day technology. Everyone has a different point where things were “new”. But the great outdoors are always the same. Nature hasn’t changed – It’s always simple and beautiful. We have changed and won’t enjoy nature in the same matter that out ancestors have. But by keeping it at the same levelof comforts that we’re used to, we can enjoy it as much as they did in the past.

Our ancestors used to sit on a tree stump as they cooked around an open campfire. Today we can sit on comfortable patio furniture as we Bar-B-Que on a modern grill. We are still enjoying nature and the great outdoors but we are able to do it with the comforts that we are used to. For them a tree stump was a comfort (as opposed to sitting on the ground). To us, that’s primitive and doesn’t encourage us to go out.

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